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The 2018 Flagstaff Festival of Science: Accelerating into the Future will explore astounding changes our lives will take in the next few years. For example, medical science is finding ways to reverse paralysis and replace bad genes; sustainable energy is becoming more efficient and affordable; computer recognition is tightening our personal security; and, artificial intelligence is getting smarter: our vehicles will soon be driving themselves! Feel free to be as imaginative as you like with titles and descriptions, playing off the Accelerating Into the Future theme if possible. Completed forms are due Monday, April 23, 2018. Events will be confirmed in May. For more information, call 928-380-4349.

  • After School Talks will be at 4 & 5 p.m., M-F Sept. 24 – 28 at Lowell Observatory.
  • Twilight Talks will be at 6:30 p.m., M-F Sept. 24 – 28 at the Museum of Northern Arizona.
  • Open Houses and Field Trips are usually scheduled on the weekends.
  • *New* After School Workshops should be scheduled in the afternoon/early evening or weekends and should be interactive.

Please contact with questions. Toastmasters Members have offered to help with presentation skills, please inquire.

  • Science in the Park will be 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 22, at Wheeler Park.  Please go to the Science in the Park page to register.
  • In-School Presentations will occur during and around the Festival. Please go to the In School Presentations page to sign up.

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